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Ni hao from Shanghai...

...and welcome to PLANET CHINA!

Enter the dragon!

Planet what?

What You Will Learn



Philippe, a China business veteran of nearly 20 years shows you the ropes.

…check the blog for more about Philippe


“Chinese Thinking” series: Decrypting the attitudes, words and silences of your counterparts.

Some most important lessons I sometimes had to learn the hard way!


“Chinese Society” series: Allowing you to gain an insight into Chinese society.

A structure so different that it can usually be grasped only after living many, many years in China.


“China Business” series: What are the trends and opportunities? 

Where we discuss business dynamics and trends that are not always known…


If you are a newcomer to China, these lectures will help you leap the hurdles and obstacles that you may encounter, and help you master business the Chinese way when others would fail!

If you already know this market but think that China is an endless discovery, these lectures may help you put a name on some difficulties, situations and opportunities that you may have already encountered without knowing for sure what to do about them…


INTERVIEWS (coming soon...)

Exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders shaping tomorrow's world.

This is where we help you discover the future of businesses as diverse as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, real-estate, relaxation, medicine, social enterprises, environmental protection, to name but a few.

A fascinating side of China, seen in a light that no other media in the world can show you.

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