How PLANET CHINA! Was Launched

When I first came to China, kids were still pointing at foreigners as most of them had never met any... And not just kids, actually!

After nearly 20 years in the Central Kingdom, almost none of the foreigners who started at the same time are still here. Most gave up on this tough market or were less lucky.

Many left because of the COVID crisis, too... 

However, new waves of foreign business people keep coming to try their luck in the Chinese Eldorado. I saw many of them, if not all, sharing the same hope, but also repeating the same mistakes, mistakes I and many others made before… To be frank, I still make some.

Obviously, sharing experiences was an important past-time, not to say a necessity, for most newcomers. Given my years in China, I started receiving more calls than I could reasonably handle…

And that is how PLANET CHINA! was launched!

The views and analysis showcased in this podcast are from my own experience of nearly 20 years in China. Experience built on discoveries, successes but also failures.

And of course, also hours, days, weeks of discussions and time spent with my Chinese friends and business partners.

If my modest contribution can help you navigate more safely the treacherous waters of Chinese business and show you where the most fantastic opportunities of our time are, then this podcast would reach its goal.

Happy listening!

Philippe P. Hugot.