E02 - Chinese Thinking: The Cycle Of Change

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Chinese Thinking Series – In this series, we explore how different modes of thinking can impact business relationships.   (13'29")

Welcome to this episode where I’ll be delving into a crucial aspect of doing business in China: navigating change.

As the old saying goes, "the only constant in China is change." This sentiment may ring true for many Westerners who have embarked on a China journey.

One challenge of working with Chinese business partners is that their attitudes and decisions may not always align with your shared goals. Their perceptions of the overall situation may be influenced by factors beyond the immediate business case, leading to unexpected shifts in mood and behavior.

And as situations tend to change frequently, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy business relationship over the long term.

To complicate matters further, change and evolution are often viewed differently in China than in other parts of the world.

In this episode, I will provide you with tools to navigate changing situations and moods while keeping your relationship on track for the long haul!